With support from generous donors and volunteers, our SMART Book Bank has placed books in the hands and homes of children who need to read! We are grateful for the united spirit and collaboration of educators, parents, nonprofit organizations, volunteers and donors!
The SMART team reached 8,138 Galveston County children with books in 2021. Books count, so we count how many we give. 
2021:  30,311
2020:  32,527
2019:  35,117
2018:  27,009
2017:  20,322
2016:  16,030  

Book Giving
Children need books at home more than ever before. Even before the closing of schools in 2020, the number of age appropriate books in the home was a clear indicator of a child's future success in life academically and in business. Books are so much more than a predictor of income. The COVID19 version of home schooling means reduced access to libraries and field trips. For children with insufficient technology access, old-fashioned hands-on books are essential windows to the world. 

During a normal summer, we encourage children to read 10 books to prevent the loss of reading skills while they are away from school. We hope children will find a way to read 20 books or more during any school break. 

Children need books. SMART works with clinics, professional educators, social workers, churches, and many partnering organizations to put the right books into the hands of children.