SMART Family Literacy gave 35,117 books in Galveston County in 2019. In the first 5 months of 2020, more than 20,000 books have been placed in the hands and homes of children who need to read!

This is all due to the united spirit and collaboration of educators, parents, nonprofit organizations, and donors!  

Book Giving

Children need books at home more than ever before. Even before the closing of schools in 2020, the number of age appropriate books in the home was a clear indicator of a child's future success in life academically and in business. Books are so much more than a predictor of income. The COVID19 version of home schooling meant no library access and no field trips. For children with insufficient technology access, or none at all, there was little or no school.


During a normal summer, we encourage children to read 10 books to prevent the loss of reading skills while they are away from school. In 2020, we hope children will find a way to read 20 books or more. Whether you home school by choice or learn at home with no other options, there is no better home schooling that reading books!


Children need books. We are continuing to work with professional  educators and nonprofit organizers to unite books with children. 

COVID19 Protocol

  • Used books given to students were donated to SMART Family Literacy for at least one month prior to distributing. Most books given by SMART are new.

  • Used book drives are temporarily discontinued, but we will accept donations of collections from organizations, such as libraries or nonprofit organizations with a change in client traffic. 

  • According to a study by the National Institute of Health (NIH), the virus can last 24 hours on cardboard. Because we usually deliver books in a cardboard box, we bring them two or more days in advance of the time they are needed to allow wait time before they are given to children. 

  • The CDC says that the virus is transmitted primarily through person to person contact, but their recommendations for cleaning surfaces have not changed. (Updated 5/23/2020)

  • We distribute books through child care center directors, elementary schools and teachers, food distribution points where cars drive up, and nonprofit organizations. 

  • We maintain six feet of physical separation and request that others remain this distance from us when we make deliveries. Please do not lean into the car to help lift a box of books for us, unless you are sure you maintain a six foot separation.

  • While distributing books and supplies, we wear masks, use hand sanitizer, and generally avoid handling books themselves, unless our hands are covered with gloves or a disinectant wipe.