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Professional Development Offerings


For Child Care Centers and Elementary Schools

SMART Family Literacy is dedicated to providing quality professional development for early childhood professionals. Here's how our model varies from other professional development offerings:

  • Opportunities for Bonus Hours - Engaging training is essential, but we want to make sure that you are able to use the information that we are providing. In each of our professional development topics, there are additional hours that participants may earn for demonstrating strategies and content in their own classroom. These hours are optional and are provided at no additional cost.

  • BOOKS! What type of literacy organization would we be if we didn't provide books?! All training topics are accompanied by specifically curated titles. 

  • Multiple Platforms - While we love visiting centers and providing in-person training, we recognize that flexibility is key as we navigate the world today. Trainings can take place in centers upon request, in-person at public venues such as the library or park, virtually via zoom, or a hybrid approach with more than one of these. 

SMART Family Literacy can provide or arrange for training topics in all of the Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS) Core Competencies for Practitioners (teachers) or Administrators (directors). Team credentials related to these areas of professional development are listed below:

  • Texas Early Childhood Professional Development System (TECPDS) Registered Trainer

  • Texas Education Agency (TEA) Vendor

  • Children's Learning Institute - Infant and Toddler Specialist

  • Children's Learning Institute Foundations Training

  • National Wildlife Federation Monarch Steward

  • Certified teachers in Special Education, Gifted and Talented instruction, Life Science, English as a Second Language, and Virtual Instruction

  • Certified Child Care Health Consultant

  • Texas Parks and Wildlife Facilitators - Growing Up WILD, Project WILD, and Project Aquatic WILD

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