Grow in 2 Languages with Georgie Birkett's books!


Grow it! / ¡A Sembrar! Author: Georgie Birkett

This book was chosen because it is both a mirror and a window. It is bilingual and it represents people with visible disabilities.

This book was chosen because it includes questions to support conversation skills.

Research shows that many young children hear a preponderance of two types of speech:

1. Adults give them commands or instructions.

2. Children request that their needs are met.

Children need more variety, especially if they do not have the benefit of two or more adults talking to each other to model conversation skills. Books like this one provide questions to cue conversations about different topics. This book is one of a Helping Hands series from Child’s Play that includes:

“Cook it!”, “Fix it!”, “Clean it!” All are available as bilingual (Spanish/English) books.


Vocabulary that is not explained in the text

Compost, Sprinkle, Swap, Seedlings

Tools (appear in illustrations, but not in the text)

High-Frequency Words and Sight Words

The Dolch Word List is here:

Grow, It, Seed, Can, Water, Me

Fluency Phrases

Would you like these? Yes, let’s swap.

Should I take them to the compost heap?

Look at me!

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