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SMART curates books to match the children who receive them in age, language, and topic of interest. Special mini-libraries are assembled for healthy topics, vegetable gardens, and hurricane preparation. Click on the Link below for more...

SMART Hurricane Prep

SMART Family Literacy is a partner with Save the Children and a member of the Gulf Coast Panel for Child Care Resilience and Recovery. Click on the link below to receive more information on how you can prepare for upcoming storms.

SMART Garden

Change is constant in a garden. Flowers change into fruit. Green tomatoes change into ripe red tomatoes. Leaves and stems change back into soil in the compost pile. Prepare your garden and click on the link below for more information.

SMART Videos

SMART Videos are great for Parents! Singing to your babies and toddlers improves their language skills and brain development. Sing along to this SMART video with new words to some traditional children's tunes!  Click on the link below to view videos.

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