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SMART Hurricane Prep

SMART Family Literacy is a partner with Save the Children and a member of the Gulf Coast Panel for Child Care Resilience and Recovery. 

"What's in your family's emergency backpack?" ​

Are you ready? Test your preparedness with these questions.

1. What are three things you will pack in your emergency go-bag for hurricane evacuation? 

2. What is something you can do to manage the stress caused by a hurricane or the threat of a hurricane? 


3. Which is more serious?

a. Tropical depression

b. Tropical storm? 

4. What does the Saffir Simpson Scale number (1,2,3,4,5) tell about a hurricane? 

a. Amount of water

b. Strength of wind

5. Which is the deadliest part of a hurricane or tropical event? 

a. Tidal surge 

b. Flooded streets

c. Wind speed


6. What can you do to help children prepare for a power outage? 

7. Which items in your emergency kit have expiration dates and/or require yearly updates? 

8. Which items in your emergency kit are specific for your child or family? 

bear in sunshine backpack_JPG.webp

SMART Parents 
"What's in your emergency backpack?"

Hurricane Season is June 1st through November 30th. 
Are you prepared for a hurricane evacuation? Be prepared for evacuation due to a flash flood, tropical storm or hurricane. What can you take for a family with small children if you need to stay in a shelter overnight?

Great Websites for Families

1. at


2. Texas Hurricane Center at 

3. Save the Children at 

Tips for Hurricane

  • Keep things dry. Example: Cell phone dry bag 

  • Keep your hands-free. Example: Clothes with zipper pockets and a head light ​

  • High protein food in foil packages​

  • Light (Don't pack too heavy)

  • Light (So you can see when the electricity goes out) ​

  • Life jacket, U.S. Coast Guard approved 

  • For locally specific information in Galveston & Houston, follow

Hurricane Tips

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