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SMART Family Literacy

Consulting, Coaching, and Training Schedule

To request consultation please email Amy Musick at the email below.

Questions? Email

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Classroom Consultation

  • 60-minute classroom observation

  • Completed ITERS/ECERS or CLI Engage Classroom Observation Tool

  • Written assessment of classroom strengths and areas for growth

  • Suggested resources or professional development 

  • Classroom teachers present during the observation will receive 1 clock hour. 

Administrative Consultation

  • 60-minute consultation and introduction to Program Administration Scale (PAS)

    • A complimentary copy of PAS

    • Step-by-step instructions for gathering documentation for scoring

    • Portfolio outline to be used in QRIS

  • 60-minute progress monitoring visit - may be virtual or in person (1-2 weeks from initial consultation)

    • Scoring completed areas of PAS and assisting in the collecting additional information

  • 60-minute conclusion visit (when all documentation is collected and scored)

    • Identification of the top three quality improvement goals for the center

    • Developed action plan for implementing quality improvement including goals and objectives with a timeline for implementation

  • Directors will receive 10 clock hours in TECPDS Core Competencies for Administrators

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Classroom or Administrative Coaching

  • Goal-directed one-on-one or small group (3 participants) or less coaching with written objectives. Topics can include but are not limited to:

  1. Quality Instruction and Best Practices

  2. Classroom/center physical arrangement

  3. Policy Writing and Implementation

  4. Family Engagement and Parent Communication

  5. Professional Development Planning

  • Clock hours provided for all participants

In-Center Professional Development

  • Includes 1 children’s book/participant/hour

  • Topics can be chosen from any TECPDS Core Competencies for Practitioners(teachers) or Administrators

  • Clock hours provided for all participants

  • Prices will vary depending on materials and books required for specific topics.


Consulting, Coaching, and Training Schedule

These services may have fees. Please contact Amy Musick via email

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